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Improve Quality And Performance For Higher Google Play Store Ranking

August 7,Monday

General Mobile App Testing

“Google will now help people find quality apps and games” – by Andrew Ahn, Product Manager, Google Play

google algorithm updates

Has Google Panda Algorithm been updated? YES

It all started in July when Google began rolling out Play Protect.

It is a feature part of Google Play designed to scan for apps that may cause harm to an Android device and give the user more information about their device’s security.

In a blog post by the product manager of google play on 3rd Aug 2017, Google has revealed that it has made some changes in how the company’s search and discovery algorithms work.

How Does Google Measure App Quality and Performance

Google uses machine learning to scan through 50 billion apps daily to identify quality and performance.

Reportedly, half of 1 Star reviews mentioned app stability. Such issues will now be taken into consideration to surface better apps to increase engagement.

It will now take into account :

  1. Google PlayStore Ranking and Reviews
  2. Crashes and Other performance issues recorded by google
  3. Battery usage of the app
  4. Quality of the app and its relevance to the target users.

Note for Entrepreneurs and Developers

  • App quality and performance were never so important. Pushing products live without proper QA could taint your image and could permanently create ranking problems.
  • Developers should start focusing on performance and quality issues.
  • The pre-launch testing of your alpha or beta app is a must on popular physical devices so you can catch issues before launching updates.
  • Ratings and reviews are accounted for additional insights related to app quality, directly from people using your app. Perform real-world usability testing to get real feedback for your UI/UX.
  • Increase your App ranking by creating a relevant and accurate app.

Improve App Ranking in Google Play Store – Pre and Post-Launch

Pre-Launch testing provides vital information on usability, functionality, compatibility, and reliability with a perspective of the real-world conditions that the target audience will face.

One must perform Usability testing for prototyping your UX/UI. Understanding of target audience expectation is the key here.

For continuous improvement Post-launch, testing should be done before all the updates and releases.

Mostly, these activities are ignored until the vital problem occurs. Such practices are more dangerous now than ever.

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Quality and Performance Testing

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