Enterprise Cloud App Testing

Qualitrix real world testing ensures 360° analysis of your app to assure its performance and security. Cloud computing has boomed in recent years as it has opened up new opportunities to both small and large organizations by providing tremendous scalability in a cost effective manner. More and more enterprises are now deploying their applications on cloud infrastructure. The key challenge is to ensure that the apps are secure and their real world performance is not affected over cloud.

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Qualitrix Cloud App Testing Solution

Deliver a successful app within a much shorter time and in a cost effective manner.
Qualitrix cloud app testing solution is designed to ensure that your app gets tested thoroughly from all angles so that the accuracy, performance and security of your app is not compromised on cloud.

mobile test specialists


Access experts on-demand in your domain area or in specific testing type such as test automation, security, performance, user experience and accessibility to ensure that your app work accurately as designed.

Real World Crowdtesting

Real World

Handpick crowdtesters to assess your app in localized conditions to ensure that your app works consistently across the desired device models, operating systems, browsers and networks when launched in the real world.

Real End User Acceptance

Real End User

Engage target users to assess your app in different stages of app life cycle to align it with the market needs. Validate your concept, assess user experience, conduct UAT and audit your app in production.

Cloud App Security

The dynamic environment in which your apps are deployed poses a serious threat of information breach to your apps. You need to ensure that your apps are secure in real world when deployed on shared platforms and accessed through different channels. The security researchers and white-hat testers in Qualitrix team are ready to probe your app from all dimensions. Many of our testers are registered ethical hackers with top internet sites.

Qualitrix security testing provides complete spectrum of cloud app security covering Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis and Vulnerability assessment along with remediation for the vulnerabilities. We follow industry standard compliance – OWASP, SANS, WASC, PCI, and HIPPA.

Commonly used testing techniques:
Threat Modeling ¦ Secure App Designing & Coding ¦ Vulnerability Scanning ¦ Firewall Rules, Network & Port Suspension ¦ Static & Dynamic Analysis ¦ Manual Penetration Testing ¦ Business Logic Vulnerability ¦ Authentication ¦ Vulnerability Remediation ¦ Future Security Planning ¦ Risk Reduction Techniques.

Cloud App Security

Cloud Performance Testing

The app deployed over cloud need to be assessed for performance in real world. The cloud infrastructure should not affect the performance of the app when accessed remotely and should be able to handle peak load conditions. Qualitrix offers automated and real world performance testing to ensure that your app is robust enough to handle the most stressful days.

Cloud Performance Testing

Tool based performance testing: Load simulation through automated scripts to assess server performance and bottlenecks. Assessing the performance of your app on the user device – page rendering time, video streaming quality and many other scenarios.
Tools such as Apache JMeter, Blazemeter or HP Load Runner are used.

PERFORMANCE TESTING WITH REAL USERS: Deploying a set of crowdtesters distributed across target geographies to assess your app performance under real network conditions. Collecting performance feedback on different networks and bandwidth conditions.
A combination of simulated and real load can also be deployed for more holistic results.

Enterprise Cloud Types

Public cloud

Public cloud

Hybrid / shared cloud

Hybrid / shared

Private cloud

Private cloud

Cloud App Assurance

Qualitrix provides 360º assurance to your cloud apps through a unique combination of lab and real world testing services.















Market Acceptance

Qualitrix allows you to engage with your target users at various stages of app development to predict your app acceptance in the market.

Build test & user community

Build Tester & User Community

Consumer Assessments


Beta Testing

Beta Testing

Early Adoptors

Early Adoptors

Production Audits

Production Audits