How it works

It is easy to start testing with Qualitrix. As soon as you sign-up with us for testing services, a test manager will be assigned immediately to set up your testing team. The team starts delivering results to you within hours, in a controlled and monitored test environment.

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Achieving secure and accountable test delivery.

The biggest concern in a crowdsourcing testing model is the uncertainty that the app will be accessed by unknown people. Qualitrix doesn't allow any unknown tester participation in their projects. Each tester is handpicked from the empanelled Qualitrix community and is monitored and tracked continuously.

Secure crowdsourcing testing conditions

Qualitrix security framework allows you to select the level of security that you need while we test your apps. The framework ensures that your apps are secure from: 1. Intellectual Property Breach; 2. Access Breach; 3. Information Breach

How it works

Qualitrix security framework

Standard Level

Advance Level

Private Level

How it works


  • Rigorous Tester Selection
  • No Open Project Invitations
  • Only Reliable Testers Engaged
  • Testers Retained at Engagement Level
  • Private Crowd
  • Employees, Contractors Engaged
  • Customer Employees Engaged
How it works


  • Background Verified
  • Standard Non-Disclosure Signed
  • Continuous Performance Tracking
  • Testers Assessed on Sandbox Projects
  • Contractual Agreements Signed
  • Advance Background Verification
  • Project Specific Non-Disclosure
  • Penalty Clauses
  • Contractual or Employment Agreements Signed
  • Operations Mainly through Qualitrix Offshore Delivery Center
How it works


  • Secure App Distribution or URL Access through Verified Credentials
  • Proxy or VPN Set up for Secure Access
  • Secure App Distribution
  • Synthetic Test Data
  • Approved Offshore Security Concept with Dedicated Lease Line Connection to Client Test Environment

Assured tester accountability

Qualitrix is committed to delivering every project as per the agreed service conditions. This is facilitated through a highly industrialized test process and best practices developed through the experience of delivering hundreds of assignments successfully. Our best practices ensure that we give you accountable testers that ensure: 1. Delivery Quality; 2. Task Completion; 3. Schedule Adherence.

How it works

Building accountability across testing life cycle

How it works

At Start

How it works

In Execution

How it works

After Completion

  • Continuous Tester Profiling
  • Rigorous Tester Selection
  • Proactive Buffer Planning
  • Task Simplification & Break Down
  • Training, Guidelines, Scenarios
  • Continuous Delivery Monitoring
  • Steering Tester Participation to Meet the Target
  • Two Step Review Process
  • Financial and Non-Financial Tester Rewards
  • Tester Performance Recorded
  • Reusable Library Updated