Mobile Device Testing

Qualitrix mobile device testing, ensures 360° analysis of your device to assure that it works perfectly in real-world. With fast paced technology advancement, the range of IoT (Internet of Things) devices is expanding exponentially. New smart devices are being launched on a regular basis. Mobile device testing is extremely critical for the success of these devices as it is a key indicator of their performance, the quality and stability of the uploaded software, and their acceptance in the market. These devices need to be tested in rigorous real world conditions in a quick and cost effective manner.

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Smart Device Types

  • Mobile handsets
  • Mhealth devices
  • Wearables
  • Set top boxes
  • Gaming consoles
  • Automotive it
  • Iot devices
Smart Devices

Qualitrix Mobile Device Testing Solution

Deliver a successful app within a much shorter time and in a cost effective manner.
With a complete mobile device testing solution in place, Qualitrix ensures 360° assurance to your device within a much shorter timeframe and with a very high ROI.Qualitrix has been delivering mobile device testing services to leading organizations across the globe.

Compelete technology Solution


Qualitrix cloud based test management platform offers complete test management solution for field testers allowing easy work assignment, test case management, defect management, tester communication, task monitoring and reporting.

Professional field test experts


Hundreds of multi-lingual field testers ready to be deployed in your target city and covering different network conditions, having experience of executing multiple field assignments in different geographies.

Compelete technology Solution


Standardized test process with best practices in place to deliver reliable test results in the field. Ready-to-use test cases available to provide complete test coverage in shorter time frame.

Compelete technology Solution


Access to Qualitrix global community with thousands of potential users of your device. Engage them on-demand to conduct market assessments on user experience, competitor analysis, UAT and much more.

Field Test Offering

Every device might have different test coverage requirement. Qualitrix test manager will work with you to create your test strategy as per the requirements of your device. The key areas that are covered in our offering include:

  • Feature Testing
  • Network Compatibility
  • Interoperability
  • Upgrade Testing
  • Drive Testing
  • Roaming
  • Soft/Hard Handovers
  • GPRS
  • Pre and Post Launch User Assessments
  • Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking

Field Testing for Telecommunication Industry

Qualitrix offers field testing and market assessment services to the wireless communication industry across the globe. The three main areas in which Qualitrix field testing services are availed include:
Mobile device testing, mobile operators services and multimedia apps.

Key features Covered

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Handset field testing

Field Test Environment

Different real world conditions in which the handset will be tested aligned with your target user demographic with coverage to desired Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 cities. Dense Urban, Urban, Semi-Urban Locations identified based on multi paths, network load and multi-way hand-offs.

Stationary Test :Coverage to high, medium, low network coverage areas including roaming networks.

Drive Test :Moving test environment at different speeds and for specified test route. Cell site locations, soft and hard hand-off areas, single/dual mode areas, GSM, CDMA boundaries, Varying signal strength areas.

Telecom application testing

Testing Tools & Frameworks

Qualitrix testing team is fully equipped with the tools that may be required to test your device in the field and record the findings. In addition to the tools, we have also developed test case design framework that provides a comprehensive test coverage to your device in a shorter time.

Testing Tools

Flashing Tools : Tools for uploading or upgrading the operating system on the phone through a desktop machine.

Diagnostic / Log Tools : Tools to capture the background messages and logs generated by the device during operation to identify errors and help in debugging for both device and network related issues.

Test Management Tools : Cloud based test management system with following features:

  • Tester Selection
  • Work Allocation
  • Test Case Management
  • Defect Management
  • Management & Controlling
  • Tester Communication & Instructions
  • Real-time Reporting

Test Design Framework

Test Case Design Framework : Qualitrix test design framework has been developed by Qualitrix test engineers based on their experience of executing multiple device testing assignments. The framework aims to help device owners to gain test scenarios for their smart devices with complete coverage without missing any area. The test component for a device under test are segregated in three parts:

  1. Device Features
  2. Network Behavior
  3. Real-World Behavior
testing tools and frameworks

Connect with our experts to learn more about our test design framework and how it can help you improve your device quality?

Know our test design approach for your device

Device Field Assurance

Qualitrix provides 360º assurance to your devices through a unique combination of lab and field testing services.















Market Acceptance

Qualitrix allows you to engage with your target users at various stages of app development to predict your app acceptance in the market.

Build test & user community

Build Tester & User Community

Consumer Assessments


Beta Testing

Beta Testing

Early Adoptors

Early Adoptors

Production Audits

Production Audits