Testing Services

Get 360° functional and non-functional analysis of your app in real world conditions to deliver a successful app. The growing complexity of modern applications with the emergence of mobile and cloud technologies is making it imperative to have real-world assurance to ensure app success in the market. We help you launch accurate and robust app which works consistently for all your users.

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Functional Testing

Functional accuracy of your app is the most essential requirement for your users. A poor app behavior can harm your firm’s reputation. You need to be fully confident of your app behavior while launching it in the market.

Functional testers with relevant domain knowledge conduct intensive testing on your app to ensure every feature works as per design.

You just need to share your testing requirement and upload your App. Our team is ready to start testing within hours. Qualitrix assurance allows smooth integration with your software development process. The test cases and bugs are exported to your internal test management tools. A dedicated test manager guides you throughout the test cycle.

You may plan your testing in one (or a combination) of the following modes:

Bug Bashes

Testers hunt for bugs in your app by navigating in an exploratory manner, using their own creativity and wisdom.

Exploratory Testing

Testers perform context driven testing guided by high level scenarios to navigate through your entire app and assess the functionality.

Test Case Based

Testers follow designed test cases to navigate through your entire app and assess the functionality in a step-by-step manner.

Script Based

Test specialists design automation scripts to perform tool based automated testing for your app.

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Compatibility Testing

The apps market is highly dynamic with new device models, OS versions and browsers getting launch every day. With diverse usage
pattern, your app need to be compatible for every user using different hardware and software platforms, and
accessing it from different networks and locations.

Qualitrix real-world crowdtesting provides you a handpicked team of crowdtesters matching your test coverage requirement of devices, operating system, browsers and networks to test the consistency of your app under real-world conditions.

  • Testers use their own hardware and software
  • Testers deliver through guided exploratory or Bug Bash mode
  • Test case approach is followed if each configuration is to be tested thoroughly

Learn more about real-world crowdtesting for mobile, web, desktop, cloud applications and smart devices.

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User Experience Testing

In today’s world, user experience (UX) is the single most important parameter that defines the success of your app in the market. A good UX can take your app much ahead of the competition. Qualitrix UX experts supported by a global testing community ensure that your app meets all the expectations of your users.

Combining the wisdom of real users and expertise of a ux specialist to create
a perfect user experience for your app users.

You just need to share your testing requirement and app details and our team is ready to start within hours. Our UX expert designs a suvey questionnaire and invites test users based on your size and demographic need. The test users start analyzing the app and provide a written or narrated feedback response. Our UX expert analyses the findings & trends and share actionable recommendations to you.

User Experience
Questionnaire Surveys

A selective set of test users representing your target demographic will respond to a User experience Questionnaire providing feedback on your app.

Narrated UX
Video Recordings

A set of test users and UX specialist record their experience, emotions and feedback in a video while going through your app in detail.

UX Expert Analysis
with Actionable Recommendation

The UX expert analyzes the feedback from test users and come up with a trend analysis and actionable recommendations for your developer.

To learn more about how the sample users are selected and user experience assessments are conducted for mobile, web, desktop, cloud applications and smart devices, please visit the section on Market acceptance.

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Localization Testing

There is no better way to test the localization of you app, than by exposing it to the locals, within your target market, for testing. This way you never miss any language, location or culture specific adaptation which could have otherwise slipped through the localization process.

Qualitrix provides you testers on-location in your target markets where your app gets validated for content, formatting, and cultural adaptation by locals. A native tester who understands the local language and culture will be able to tell you much better if your app is localized correctly and will make sense to a local user.

The three areas where we focus in Localization Testing are:

Content and UI
Translation Testing

Get an accurate and meaningful translation of multi-lingual UI text, notifications, emailing messages and content files in your app – correct language, sentence construction, formatting, characters, idioms.

Country, Culture, Language
Specific Localization Testing

Test the locally configurable components such as region and language specific default setting – localized UI, spell checker, speech engines, and so on; availability of drivers for local hardware; country specific regulations and necessary cultural adaptations.

App Features
Localization Testing

Get the basic functionality tested in localized environment – setup, upgrade, and uninstall; application and hardware compatibility tests in the target market conditions.

Learn more about Qualitrix testing community spread in over 100 countries –Real-world crowdtesting.

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Security Testing

The dynamic environment in which your apps are deployed poses a serious threat of information breach for your apps. You need to ensure that your apps are secure in real world when deployed on different platforms and accessed through different channels.

The security researchers and white-hat testers in Qualitrix community are ready to probe your app from all dimensions. Many of our testers are registered ethical hackers with top internet sites.

Qualitrix security testing provides complete spectrum of web and mobile app security covering Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis and Vulnerability assessment along with recommendations to remediate the vulnerabilities. We follow industry standard compliances such OWASP, SANS, WASC, PCI, and HIPPA.

Testing techniques:

Threat Modeling | Secure App Designing & Coding | Vulnerability Scanning | Firewall Rules, Network & Port Suspension | Static & Dynamic Analysis | Manual Penetration Testing | Business Logic Vulnerability | Authentication | Vulnerability Remediation | Future Security Planning | Risk Reduction Techniques.

Mobile Specific Risks:

Binary hacking | Platform specific risk | Unsafe sensitive data storage and transmission | Hard coded passwords / keys.

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Performance Testing

No matter how good your app features might be, your users will lose interest if it is performing poorly with crashes or delayed load
time. Your app should be able to withstand peak load, perform under lower network bandwidth and should not affect battery
performance. Qualitrix offers a unique combination of automated and real world performance testing to
ensure that your app is robust enough to handle the most stressful times.

Tool Based Performance Testing

Load simulation through automated scripts to assess server performance and bottlenecks. Assessing the performance of your app on the user device – page rendering time, video streaming quality and many other scenarios.Tools such as Apache JMeter, Blazemeter or HP Load Runner are used.

Real-world Performance Testing

Deploying a set of crowdtesters distributed across target geographies to assess your app performance under real network conditions. Collecting performance feedback on different networks and bandwidth conditions.Handset Performance with your App: Analyzing the impact of your App on the handset model – battery consumption, other apps running in background etc.

A combination of simulated and real load can also be deployed for more holistic results.

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Accessibility Testing

Qualitrix accessibility testers assess the conformance of your app as per W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. The test checklist is based on the W3C’s Conformance Evaluation method for the desired compliance level. Conformance evaluation of Web accessibility is conducted based on a combination of semi-automated evaluation tools and manual evaluation by an experienced specialist team.

Automated Testing: The test specialists use automation tools such as Screen reading software JAWS6, web accessibility tool bar such as Web Developer Toolbar5, Special Browsers such as Lynx7 or MozoBraille8, Screening.

Emulation Techniques: Techniques for emulating physical or sensory abilities such as disabling images or sound are used.

User Acceptance Testing: A small group of target user group is invited to perform user acceptance testing on your app and provide real-world feedback.

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