User Acceptance Testing

Predict the acceptance of your app in the market by collecting 360° feedback from real users using real devices on features, business processes and services, across different stages of your app life cycle by collecting software user assessment from our community of crowdtesters. The responsibility of Assurance team has now extended well beyond testing phases as we also need to ensure that your app meets the user needs and integrates with your business process to create a seamless user experience.

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User Acceptance Testing Services across Application Life cycle

Understand your users better to enhance their experience and deliver a successful app

Get Test Users

Get Test Users

Get your own testing pool as per your needs; Handpick from Qualitrix crowd, Bring your own crowd, Ask for an exclusive private crowd

Consumer Assessments


Conduct end user acceptance at various stages of app development; Ideation, Concept Validation, AB Design Tests, Competitor Analysis, User Experience Tests, UAT Production Audits

Beta Testing


Organize structured Beta testing with the help of Qualitrix Toolkit; Engage target end users, Invite your internal business users

 Early Adaptors


Extend your app to more and more users in Qualitrix community that are distributed across the globe. Make them early adopters of your app and let them create a snow bowling effect

Production Audits


Know how your app is perceived in production by the real users. Get 360° feedback on your app and associated business process

Get Test Users

To ensure secure and accountable testing, Qualitrix executes all projects ONLY through personalized crowd. The crowdtesting team is generally handpicked for each test cycle to match your testing needs. You may ask us to engage the same set of users for multiple test cycles. You can also build an exclusive private crowd for your projects.

Engage from
Qualitrix Crowd

software user assessments

Build Or Bring Your
Private Crowd


Get Test Users

At Test Cycle Level (By Default)

At Engagement Level

At Private Level


Crowdtesters handpicked for each test cycle to match your requirement

Crowdtesters handpicked and retained across different test cycles as per your requirement

An exclusive testing pool developed and maintained only for you with provision to bring-your-own-crowd


Professional Testers, Various User Groups, Subject Matter Experts, Novice Testers

Professional Testers, Relevant Domain Experts, Brand Specific Users

Your Customers, Your End Users, Your Staff, Professional Testers, Domain Experts

Where it makes sense?

For small and undefined book of work

For small / medium yet well defined book of work

For large book of work with specific user / tester requirements


Quick to start the engagement, Small investment without commitment

Consistent coverage, Higher level of tester loyalty and trust

Customized coverage, More secure, More accountable, More qualified assessments


Lower tester loyalty, Non-strategic crowdtesting approach

Needs time bound commitment, Customized tester demographic may not be possible

Needs strategic planning and commitment, Initial investment required

How is it Charged?

Individual Assignments

Packaged Assignment

Packaged Assignment with Crowd Mobilization

User Acceptance

Qualitrix helps you stay close to your target users and launch a more reliable app in the market. You can conduct market assessments in different categories at different stages of your app development. You may either select from 1000s of users that exist in Qualitrix global community or ask us to acquire specific users for conducting these assessments.

  • Ideation
  • Concept Validation
  • AB Design Validation
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • User Experience Surveys
  • Field Assessments
  • Bench Marking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customized Assessments

Quick and Easy Selection of Sample Users

 Step 1

Step 1

List Your Sample Size and Demographic Requirements


Step 2

Selection Criteria Defined on Qualitrix Platforms


Step 3

Automatic Team Selection Via Inbuilt Platform Intelligence

Four Step Process for Conducting User Acceptance


Step 1

Test Specialist Assigned

Test cases

Step 2

Assessment Questionnaire / Instructions Designed and Uploaded on Qualitrix Platform


Step 3

Users from Desired Demographic Engaged from Qualitrix Community to Conduct the Online Assessment


Step 4

Test Specialist Analyzes the Written or Narrated Video Response, Reports the Findings & Recommendations

Want to learn more about how we define a sample size and conduct customized assessments.

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Early Adopters

Getting your App live is one thing but making it reach upto the target users distributed across geographies is another. It requires tremendous effort and cost in generating awareness to make your app visible to your target users. Qualitrix helps you in this regard by leveraging on its existing global community. We create seed users by distributing your app to the users across the target geographies and allowing it to cascade further. This helps in creating the snowbowling effect that you are looking for.

early Adopters

Production Audits

Production Audits

360° assurance requires continuous improvement of your app. Qualitrix allows you to engage with the real users of your app in production to share their feedback on the features, business process and the value they are getting by engaging with you. This allows you to plan improvement in your apps. You also capture any potential noise in the market much early that could negatively affect your business otherwise.

Beta Management

Build a beta tester community that appropriately represents your user demographic also including your own members. Simplify your test process for application distribution / access, test coordination and enable real-time bug reporting through Qualitrix beta test management tool.

Benefits of Managed Beta

Benefits To Your QA Management

Easy to manage all bugs and user feedbacks received centrally, an effective review workflow pre-defined on the beta management platform to validate the deliverables. A structured beta community ensure higher coverage in terms of demographic, devices, system configurations, network conditions and locations, ensuring a more predictable behavior in production.

Benefits To Your Internal Beta Testers / Business Users

Easy to access the application, report the bugs, share feedbacks and get a clear instructions on the test cycle without any communication gap through the beta test platform. Saves significant effort for the participants group, which might also include business users.