Web & Desktop Application Testing

Qualitrix 360 analysis of your app ensures that your app is successful in the real world. Web and Desktop applications will continue to occupy the primary market space for many years to come. With new device models, operating systems and browser upgrades coming out on a regular basis, it is imperative for a successful app to remain accurate and consistent across the changing software and hardware platforms.

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Qualitrix Application Testing Solution

Deliver a successful app within a much shorter time and in a cost effective manner.
Qualitrix testing solution empowered by crowdsourcing model, is designed to ensure that your web / desktop app gets tested thoroughly from all angles so that its behavior is completely predictable in the real world.

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Access experts on-demand in your domain area or in specific testing type such as test automation, security, performance, user experience and accessibility to ensure that your app work accurately as designed.

Real World Crowdtesting

Real World

Handpick crowdtesters to assess your app in localized conditions to ensure that your app works consistently across the desired device models, operating systems, browsers and networks when launched in the real world.

Real End User Acceptance

Real End User

Engage target users to assess your app in different stages of app life cycle to align it with the market needs. Validate your concept, assess user experience, conduct UAT and audit your app in production.

Real World Testing

Test specialists in the labs ensure that your Web and Desktop Apps work perfectly in controlled conditions, however real world is much more complex than the labs with different Desktop & Laptop models, Operating Systems and Browser Configurations on which your apps run. Qualitrix offers real world assurance through a global testing community to ensure that your apps work for every desired user and on every desired software or hardware system.

Assuring App Behavior

Assuring App Behavior

Diverse Desktop/Laptop Models: Assess your apps compatibility on different desktop, laptop models from different equipment manufacturers with different screen sizes, resolutions and catering to different price segments.

Platforms: Assess your apps behavior across different operating systems, browsers, and system configurations.

Localization: Check your apps acceptability across different cultures, languages and locations covering different cities across the globe.

User Groups: Engage target user demographic across age groups, cultural diversity, salary bands or any other customized need to assess your app.

Predicting Market Acceptance

Predict the acceptance of your web / desktop app among the target user group. Engage target users present in Qualitrix community or build a private user community to conduct assessments during different phases of your app life cycle.

User Experience Assessment:Qualitrix user experience assessment provides you early feedback from target user demographic. The users share their feedback response through a USABILITY QUESTIONNAIRE or NARRATED VIDEOS which are then consolidated and analyzed by a UX expert. The expert evaluates the trends and provides actionable recommendations to your development team.

Beta Testing:Conduct Beta testing with a team that appropriately represents your user demographic also including your own members. Simplify your Beta test process for application distribution / access, test coordination and bug reporting through Qualitrix beta test management tool.

Early Adopters:Create seed users from a globally distributed Qualitrix community to spread your apps in global markets and create a snow bowling effect.

Production Audits:Get user feedback on your app quality and associated services in production to collect social trends at an early stage.

Other Assessments:Engage the user community to assess various aspects of your business. From collecting ideas to validating your Concept or analyzing your competitors.

Predicting Market Acceptance

Web App Types

web apps

Web apps

Responsive apps

Responsive apps

Desktop apps

Desktop apps

Web and Desktop Assurance

Qualitrix provides 360º assurance to your web and desktop apps through a unique combination of lab and real world testing services.















Market Acceptance

Qualitrix allows you to engage with your target users at various stages of app development to predict your app acceptance in the market.

Build test & user community

Build Tester & User Community

Consumer Assessments


Beta Testing

Beta Testing

Early Adoptors

Early Adoptors

Production Audits

Production Audits