Your Assured Benefits

Reliable Behavior of Your App in Real-world

Wider test coverage across 1000s of devices, operating systems and browsers.
Coverage to real world scenarios for location and network conditions.
Rigorous Assessment By Qualified Test Specialists

Predictable Acceptance of Your App by the Users

Get user experience feedback and recommendations by target end users
Engage users for assessments at different stages of app development
Organize structured Beta testing

Faster Speed-to-Market of Your App

Testing time reduced to 1/3rd in comparison with the traditional models
Testers on-boarded within hours
Most issues detected within 2 to 3 days from the start of the test cycle

Lower Cost of Quality For Your App

On-demand test delivery model allows 30-50% lower testing Cost compared to traditional QA models
Cost savings due to early issue detection and lower infrastructure acquisition cost

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Why go for Crowdtesting?

Wisdom of Crowd

With so many eyes looking through your app, no bugs get missed out.

Real-world Scenarios

Cover the most critical end-to-end scenarios that cannot be simulated in the labs.

Lower Infrastructure Cost

Access any new or old device model and OS version on-demand without any acquisition cost.

Boundless Agility and Scalability

Bring unbound scalability and agility into your organization with access to testers anywhere and anytime.

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Why engage with Qualitrix?

We are looking to build a long term relationship by helping you deliver a successful app in the market
in fast and cost-effective manner.

  • your projects are managed by experienced qa professionals with strong understanding of both classic and crowdsourced QA models to ensure smooth integration with your internal SDLC processes
  • you get a higher level of test maturity with assured test coverage, professional quality deliverables, and secure and reliable testers; our process innovation team has developed best practices across crowdtesting life cycle
  • you get access to an industry leading crowdtesting platform which can easily sync up with your internal test management system in a secure manner
  • you get to selectively work with good quality testers only, as our Software testing community management team ensures that every member is verified and goes through a sandbox phase before getting exposed to live projects
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