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The responsibility of Assurance team has now extended well beyond the testing phase. Try our market acceptance services to assess if your apps are aligned with the needs of your users and create a seamless experience for them.

user acceptance tests | beta tests | dip-stick surveys | field trials | beta tests | early adoptors | live audits

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Case studies

360° Assurance

For a US based start up

Functional, Compatibility and User Experience Testing for a Web App

Tested an Interactive career counseling web platform for a funded start-up in US;

4 Releases with 550 bugs and 30 UX improvements; Reduced testing cost by 45%;

Team: 1 TestExpert.30 Crowdtesters.35 testusers;

Coverage: 8 OS/Browsers.5 Regions.3 Age-Groups.

Enterprise Crowdtesting

For an australian media group

Enterprise Real World Crowdtesting for Mobile Apps

Tested 14 iOS and 9 Android Apps for an Australian media giant;

14 test cycles in 6 months with 1200+ bugs;

Avg. test cycle cost = 1 offshore staff/month;

Team: 1 TestLead.30 Crowdtesters/test cycle;

Coverage: 20 OS/Browsers.6 Networks.12 Countries.

Enterprise Beta Testing

For a global B2B travel firm

Beta Testing for B2B Travel Management Mobile Apps

7 Beta test cycles conducted for 3 products;

480 bugs caught; Beta cycle time reduced by 60%; Higher test coverage;

Team: 1 TestLead.30 Beta testers / users;

Platforms: iOS, Android, Window, Mobile Web

Locations: Europe, South Asia, USA.

Localization Testing

For an Asian financial sevices firm

Translation and Localization Testing for a Securities Mobile App

Translated 1200 strings per language through locals; Tested complex financial app with over 200 screens; Slashed translation and testing cost by 75%; Reduced testing time by 1/3rd;

Team: 1 Domain Tester; 16 Local language testers covering 12 different languages.

VAS Field Assurance

For an indian telecom firm

Nation-wide Post-Production Quality Assessment for VAS Services.

400 quality assessments conducted over 30 VAS services on a monthly basis; Average 150 Production issues with 90 high priority ones captured monthly;

Team: 1 National PM. 4 Regional Leads. 40 Testers;

Monthly Coverage:30 VAS Services. 400 Assessments. 20 Regional Circles. 14 Languages.

Security Testing

For a US healthcare firm

Security Testing for Healthcare Mobile and Web Apps

Exposed 26 vulnerabilities including 11 critical ones while testing 1 web and 1 mobile patient care app; Created a threat model combining tool and manual penetration testing to provide complete coverage;

Delivered security testing at 35% lower cost;

Team: 2 Security Experts. 5 White-hat testers.

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  • What Our Customer Are Saying


    When I started to look for a website testing company, I was not sure what I needed. I contacted a bunch of businesses. When I spoke with Qualitrix, they explained me the type of testing I was looking for as well as the other type of screening could be performed to my website. Qualitrix guided me through the entire process explaining it step by step. I am not too familiar with technology terms, but I could understand what was about to happen. I recommend them. Very professional, technical and friendly.

    Roberta Halfmann, Brazil-Hub
  • What Our Customer Are Saying


    We came across Qualitrix while looking for QA vendors who can accommodate our extensive needs, especially with regard to quality at a reasonable cost for a startup. Mayank and his team were very patient and provided us skilled testers both for on-premise and remote testing for our Web App and Mobile App. Would love to engage with them again

    Lokesh Jain, Co-founder, Blog Beats
  • What Our Customer Are Saying


    Getting a product out in market is probably the most essential thing for a start-up and Qualitrix helped us do just that. We were able to get to the core of our product issues, be it with functionality or issues with devices, much faster than expected. Best part is engaging with them is simple which takes the burden off a start-up

    Varun Kabra, Co-founder, Crewkarma Networks

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