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  • Your software testing solution was very effective in taking care of functional and compatibility testing of the apps and services used by users all over India. The VAS solutions from the team were very helpful in stabilising the app for the target market. The real world testing was very helpful in identifying end user issues in the target market.

  • Your software testing solutions have been a great help for us to get infield support from various countries, majorly from MEA SEA and European country. Its been really helpful for doing our integration testing onfield to gain confidence in real time environment. Also with remote access our technical team has been able to do quick RCA and solution building. Thanks Team!

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15,000+ crowd testers in 60+ countries ready to evaluate your apps on 100s of device models, system configurations, locations and languages

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Ready-to-use test automation solution for testing frameworks and bot-based solutions to assess your apps consistency, usability, performance and content in both test and live conditions.

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A dynamic test center that allows for on-demand access to talent for all your software testing requirements.

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Why Qualitrix?

✓ Helps you deliver high performing apps
✓ Provides on-demand access to QA talent across the globe
✓ Enhance user experience to outperform your competition
✓ Minimized market risk with 10x more coverage than a conventional test lab
✓ Iterate quickly to adapt and to your market needs
✓ Cost of quality reduced by 30-50%

Qualitrix is one of the top crowdsourced testing and automation testing company in India. In addition to the team of highly skilled minds which work tirelessly behind the screen to bring you the absolute best experience and which includes MBAs, Engineers and various testing professionals who carry tremendous experience in their respective fields of over 20 years and above, the digital testing services are packed with tons of utilities which make it the ideal destination for software testing services and QA services such as functionality testing, surveys and audits, market analysis, content, performance testing, test automation , accessibility testing and hack testing etc.

Although, we are one of the best software testing companies in Bangalore, India, the company’s presence is available internationally beyond the boundaries of the Indian border, unlike other software testing companies in India. To begin with, the biggest factor making us a quality provider of software testing services and mobile app testing services is the spread of the company into a vast community both nationally and internationally. With our reach into over 60 countries, connection to over 10000 devices and a community of 15000+ crowd testing experts, the company takes crowdsourced testing to a whole new level. The goal of these software testing services is to make sure that you end up with the most reliable and bug-free mobile apps to launch into the industry along with detailed guidelines and information about the marketing potential of the digital product which will be attained and assessed through the processes mentioned below. Through letting the application operate in real-life scenarios, early issues can be detected and resolved before the release allowing you to avoid any hassle after the launch. Qualitrix is among the best mobile app testing companies and automation testing company in Bangalore, India.

The Mobile app testing service also provides a market analysis feature which involves a combination of data from both bots and user testing, which is adequately analysed and assessed to provide you with information about your product necessary to make it a market success, particularly keeping in view its major competitors in the market. This reliability and predictability of the market behaviour is something anyone who has ever launched a product, craves instead of the nervous jitters from venturing into the unknown and then realising crucial points and errors in your product far too late which can lead to tarnishing your reputation with the users who use your products on the daily. Language has been a barrier between people for as long as different languages have existed and that is something that we take into account when taking a client’s product for testing particularly if the intention of the client is to launch their digital products not just locally but in international markets as well, hence with the presence of a much needed multi-lingual tester network and pre-defined workflows, the testing needs of your digital product are fulfilled much faster and in a much more cost-effective manner as the language barrier is no longer a problem and you product is tested by a community of 15000+ testers which are spread throughout the globe in over 60 countries. The community of 15000+ users which is spread around the world helps in advance assessment of the digital product which is provided in the form of surveys and audits which involve Usability (Qualitative) Surveys, Production Audits, Focus Group Assessments, Field Assessments and even Video Narrations from the users.

In addition to the general crowdsourced testing, we also allow you the rare opportunity of catering your application to the specially-abled demographic. If you have any feature available on your digital product that caters to the specially-abled demographic it can be tested out by the testers belonging to that particular group and they will provide feedback regarding the use of those particular features in real-world scenarios by a person with a disability. This feature makes your application a lot more inclusive and allows you to appeal to a far more diverse and widespread market, which obviously is beneficial for your product’s growth.

The feature that is most important to any software product in the modern era is security. Security from people who eye your tech with malicious intent has been quite the conversation in recent years, and the reason behind it is simple, everyone enjoys all the services provided by all the modern age digital products but they also enjoy the comfort and peace that comes with security and knowing that the applications in your mobile phones or your computers or laptops or even watches, with the advent of smartwatches, are safe to use and won’t suddenly become a cause of worry. So, another important feature provided here at Qualitrix is the security testing of your digital product in order to ensure complete stability once it’s launched so you provide a level headed assurance to your users about the safety of using your product. The steps involved in the security testing process of ensuring your products are Static Analysis, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, and Fix Recommendations. It is done by a team of leading web application testers and mobile security analysts, ethical hackers and penetration testers that are registered with leading online groups of Apple, Facebook, Google etc. The extensive and highly detailed QA services provided by the company extend into a realm of QA services that are rarely found elsewhere.

In addition to all of that Qualitrix also provides automation testing solutions which test frameworks and bot-based solutions which allow you to test your apps usability, consistency performance and content in both test and live situations. With ideal price rates which accompany extensively and quality testing techniques and in-depth analysis in both technical and business realms and the results of all of the above-mentioned procedures finding their way to our clients in the time span of merely 24 hours, Qualitrix has no reason to not be one of the fastest-growing automation testing company, User testing services and QA services, Usability testing service providers in the world that it is today and you have no reason not to tie up with us before launching your digital product out into the world. In the world of modern technology, the word “software” means a lot more than just a set of well-organised instructions. Qualitrix is one of the most renowned software testing companies in Bangalore, India that provides crowd testing, mobile app testing, web app testing and automation testing services.

Software technology has made a key place for itself in society. There is software or an application for pretty much every need of the modern world. There are entire businesses running on usability testing services There are million dollar companies based on these applications. So it’s safe to say software technology is one of the biggest markets of the modern era. And, when there is a market as vast as this, there is a natural need to understand the market in order to traverse through it and in order to make sure that whatever product you choose to launch into said market is a successful one. Without any help, the outcome or general public reaction to your product is hard to estimate and can make it a daunting task to determine when and if your product is ready for release. Fortunately, help is available and that is precisely where all of the above-mentioned features provided by Qualitrix come in handy making Qualitrix the only place you need to visit to determine all of the requirements of your digital product to make it a successful one.

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  • Lokesh Jain - Blog Beats


    We came across Qualitrix while looking for QA vendors who can accommodate our extensive needs, especially with regard to quality at a reasonable cost for a startup. Mayank and his team were very patient and provided us skilled testers both for on-premise and remote testing for our Web App and Mobile App. Would love to engage with them again

  • Varun Kabra - Crewkarma Networks

    Varun Kabra

    Co-founder, Crewkarma Networks

    Getting a product out on the market is probably the essential thing for a start-up and Qualitrix helped us do just that. We were able to get to the core of our product issues, be it with functionality or issues with devices, much faster than expected. Best part is engaging with them is simple which takes the burden off a start-up

  • Roberta Halfmann

    Co-founder, Brazil-Hub

    When I started to look for a website testing company, I was not sure what I needed. I contacted a bunch of businesses. When I spoke with Qualitrix, they explained to me the type of testing I was looking for, as well as the other type of screening, could be performed on my website. Qualitrix guided me through the entire process explaining it step by step. I am not too familiar with technical terms, but I could understand what was about to happen. I recommend them. Very professional, technical and friendly.

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