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Quality Assurance Support for Accurate, Crash-free and User-aligned Mobile App

August 23,Wednesday

Crowdsourced Testing Quality Assurance

Launch a mobile app that’s accurate, crash-free and user-aligned. It also means developing an app that’s high quality, from its look and feels to its stability, performance, and usability.

A winning app can never be developed without proper feedback and quality assurance. Keep reading if your app is critical to your business.

Quality Assurance for Mobile App


With the limitations of the in-house software testing system, crowd testing has proved to be an easy and cost-effective mobile app testing solution.

A hybrid solution involving both can be the solution that can bring maximum ROI for entrepreneurs.

Configure your QA Division at the cost of One Tester!

Developing a good mobile app requires an app developing team and a robust testing mechanism.

Tech startups normally focus on hiring good developers, while neglecting the importance of a good QA division.

Hiring QA professionals can cost a lot as there are various types of testing which require totally different expertise.


In our monthly QA subscriptions, we provide a holistic on-demand QA solutions to startups at an affordable monthly cost, lower than hiring a single tester.

  • 150 Lab testers
    Subject Matters Expert that manage the solution.
  • 90 Real Location
    Choose from your target business location to know the real value that is reaching the customers.
  • 1000 Real Devices
    Get access to the latest and also the most primitive handsets that your customers use.
  • 40000 Real Users
    Choose testing professionals from your target audience demography for an exact qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Start getting results in 24 Hours !

All you need to do is submit your app link and we will perform a basic app test and come back to you with a handcrafted solution.

Here is what you should expect:

First 24 Hours

  • Pre-assessment
  • QA Consulting and Planning
  • Team deployment


  • Fulfill your immediate software testing needs.
  • Get a detailed test report for the same .
  • ROI analysis and service evaluation.

Monthly Subscription

Affordable monthly plans and SLA based services for startups to pin-point the problems and a commuted delivery.

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