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Quality Assurance Support for Accurate, Crash-free and User-aligned Mobile App

August 23,Wednesday


Launch a mobile app that’s accurate, crash-free and user-aligned. It also means developing an app that’s high quality, from its look and feels to its stability, performance, and usability.

A winning app can never be developed without proper feedback and quality assurance. Keep reading if your app is critical to your business.



With the limitations of the in-house testing system, crowd testing has proved to be an easy and cost-effective mobile app testing solution.

A hybrid solution involving both can be the solution that can bring maximum ROI for entrepreneurs.

Configure your QA Division at the cost of One Tester!

Developing a good mobile app requires an apt developing team and a robust testing mechanism.

Tech startups normally focus on hiring good developers, while neglecting the importance of a good QA division.

Hiring QA professionals can cost a lot as there are various types of testing which require totally different expertise.


In our monthly QA subscriptions, we provide a holistic on-demand QA solution to startups at an affordable monthly cost, lower than hiring a single tester.

  • 150 Lab testers
    Subject Matters Expert that manage the solution.
  • 90 Real Location
    Choose from your target business location to know the real value that is reaching the customers.
  • 1000 Real Devices
    Get access to the latest and also the most primitive handsets that your customers use.
  • 40000 Real Users
    Choose testing professionals from your target audience demography for an exact qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Start getting results in 24 Hours !

All you need to do is submit your app link and we will complete a basic App Check-up and comeback to you with a handcrafted solution. Here is what you should expect:

First 24 Hours

  • Pre-assessment
  • QA Consulting and Planning
  • Team deployment


  • Fullfill your immidiate testing needs.
  • Get a detailed test report for the same .
  • ROI analysis and service evaluation.

Monthly Subscription

Affordable monthly plans and SLA based services for startups to pin-point the problems and a commuted delivery.

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