QA Focus Areas for Successful Cloud Migration

Testing is a crucial step in the cloud migration journey of any product. So while moving from one cloud provider to another we need to ensure that quality assurance is a must. And phase-wise testing should be planned very well considering all requirements and risks. Any successful cloud migration activity will take 6 months from initiation to completion.

This whitepaper highlights the importance of testing in the cloud migration journey, QA necessity in each of its phases and key takeaways on challenge mitigation and success factors. The approach begins with the various testing types that are to be performed, moving about the importance of QA in migration, and its multiple strategies. These strategies will serve all the steps involved in the migration phase, right from the beginning, during and post-migration – the topmost priority being establishing a complete working staging environment for the new cloud platform.

Here is a detailed breakdown on the process to be followed for successful completion of cloud migration.

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