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Testing Mobile Applications for Security Vulnerabilities (Video Demonstration)

February 16,Thursday

Mobile App Testing

Mobile app security testing
Mobile application testing for security vulnerabilities is an important part of overall mobile app testing. However, many mobile application developers have a limited understanding of app security. This leads to the app being released without testing all aspects of security.

Authentication and authorization vulnerability is one of the most common weaknesses in mobile apps. It makes the app vulnerable to malicious attacks and data theft.

Authentication vulnerability allows unauthorized users to log in using fake credentials.

Hackers can steal information and cause financial loss. It can also pose regulatory problems for the app developer. However, the most damaging is the long-term negative impact on the brand itself due to loss of trust.

The Qualitrix mobile app testing team has created a demonstration video to show how malicious users can take advantage of authentication vulnerability.

In the video, we show how a user can log into an insecure mobile banking app.

The demonstration begins by retrieving the application package information. This allows the user to see available activities in the app. The testing team then identifies insecure activities in the app.

Finally, the team bypasses the login process without using a valid credential using the vulnerability identified in the previous step.

How Can Mobile Application Developers Implement Strong Authentication Schemes?

App developers can create stronger authentication schemes by:

  • Reinforcing Authentication and Authorization controls on the server side
  • Implementing local Authentication and Authorization checks within the application to ensure offline security


Qualitrix mobile app testing solution, powered by a managed crowd testing model, is designed to ensure that your mobile app is tested thoroughly from all angles. It ensures your app’s behavior is completely predictable in the real world.

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