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April 23,Friday

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Sharing an excerpt from the article: Read the complete article at: https://yourstory.com/2021/03/big-question-mobile-application-market-ready

Many of us start with the belief that with a perfect idea and a strong development team, our mobile application can do wonders. This is until we look at some facts. More than 80 percent of applications are abandoned after a single use. How do we make sure we are a part of the successful 20 percent?

Unless your idea is truly unique and novel, we are talking about an over-crowded application space. You are competing with clones already launched, and clones who are seeing what is there, making it better and planning to launch tomorrow.

Yet, we know that there are those few apps that stand out in a user’s mind, and don’t get hit on the uninstall button for a very long time. So, at what point in your application development lifecycle do you feel confident that your mobile application is ready for a market launch?

On one side is the primary problem that your application is solving and how effective is your solution. On the other side is the diverse user demographic that you are targeting. There is a huge risk if you are unable to connect the two.

Read more at: https://yourstory.com/2021/03/big-question-mobile-application-market-ready