A success story that can be yours too!

A success story that can be yours too!

How Qualitrix is helping this largest Indian Ed-tech start-up, that aims to reach 200 million kids by 2020, constantly achieve its quality goals.

When one of the most ambitious digital education programs in India was on the lookout for an innovative testing partner, the team picked Qualitrix to set up an independent testing unit for their end-to-end quality needs.

Our solution was to integrate technology and process innovation while bringing end-user perspective into testing through business analysts, context-driven approach and user testing.

Automation for agile iterative development to test critical journeys and APIs through continuous integration; Functional experts to test in-depth business logics; and User testing to capture real-world issues on multiple devices, network conditions, languages and feedback from target demographic.

Successfully launched by the Vice President of India on 5th September 2017, already being adapted by multiple state education boards. One of the few digital initiatives tracked by Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and Prime Minister’s Office

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