Case Study : Crowdtesting of India’s Largest Online Higher Education Company

Case Study : Crowdtesting of India’s Largest Online Higher Education Company

Client Overview

India’s largest online higher education company providing programs in Data Science, Technology, Management, and Law, to students, working professionals, and enterprises faced a challenge of non-availability of multiple devices with different configurations. models with networks. The end user’s issues faced mainly in tier2 and tier3 cities resulting in poor user experience and app performance of the app by the people in those regions.

Test Objective

The Test objective was to perform Functional (Web & Mobile) Testing, Multi-platform Compatibility Testing, App Performance, Usability Study for their 1 M user base mobile application and web application.

Our Solution

A. Functional (Web & Mobile) Testing

  • Test case design and execution for each app module primarily focusing on p1/business cases.
  • Enhancement of test cases as per changes.
  • Non-functional checks including interruption, interfaces, app performance.
  • Crash issues identification, reproduction, and analysis support.
  • Test payment flows, re-direction, navigation and identify issues if it is an app-related, user-related, or technical issue
  • Test different permutations and combinations of bandwidth conditions, Wi-Fi, notifications, interruptions, etc.
  • Negative testing

B. Multi-platform Compatibility Testing

  • Testing of app behavior on 50 common device OEMs and system configurations – UI, broken links, navigation, screen resolution, screen size, sensors, etc.

C. App Performance

  • Testing of app performance under different network conditions, battery consumption, memory & CPU utilization, crash analysis,  page rendering speed, etc.

D. Usability Study

  • Qualitative Study: Surveys-based usability assessment from the target demographic in the India region with 50 test users.

Key Highlights

Crowd Testing case study highlights

  • Delivered 9 critical releases over 4 quarters for multi-device compatibility 
  • 188 Functional compatibility + UI + app performance defects reported
  • 35.3 % of the defects are Major and above
  • 200 devices X OS X Platforms X networks covered 
  • Testing was performed from 25 different locations covering tier 2 and 3 cities with mid and low-end phones primarily

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