End-to-end Testing of SDKs for Unity Gaming Apps

End-to-end Testing of SDKs for Unity Gaming Apps


An education technology startup that develops fun and challenging learning games was looking to enhance end-to-end quality of their products through a professional Quality Assurance (QA) partner. 

Client develops a product that places learning content into casual games by using their proprietary SDK (Software Development Kit). The entire development was done on Unity.

The scope of testing included complete game testing, multiple game integrations, SDK testing, network performance and localization testing across international locations. 

Project QA scope 

  • Gameplay testing – Menu transition, Verifying various game modes, Validation, Game environment, Movement controls, Combat controls, Area transition, Object-based interactions, UI based interactions
  • Game balancing – We play the game and check if all the levels of the game are in sync and users of particular levels are enjoying only what’s allowed.
  • Awards and achievements
  • Game currency verification
  • Network performance through crowd testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Mobile interruptions, networks, call, notifications testing
  • Negative testing
  • Cleanroom testing

Qualitrix Solution 

  1. Embedded QA

Functional testing in Unity- device perf:

  • Prototype tests
  • Game play with new features 
  • UI testing
  • Device performance assessment with simulations
  • Telemetry events 
  • Screen resolution and compatibility

Functional testing and sign-off for the new launches, testing multiple builds including new integrations on an ongoing basis. Pre-build testing for game features and UI in Unity. Features documented as test cases and executed. Prototype tests, compatibility, E2E flow of multiplayer testing checking of audio across throughout the game play. Testing game play issues, graphics issues, audio-visual issues, and telemetry events. 

  1. Load/Performance Testing (through crowdsourcing): Live server monitoring at a defined time on shared infrastructure (platform, OEMs, network) using crowdtesting model
  2. Create APK build and support in debugging API and integrations: Tested shared API collections on every build also tested backend data using API Automation tool
  3. Extensive testing on mobile Apk (UAT ): UI, compatibility and game performance over devices.

Test Process Flow

 testing process of gaming app
test process flow of gaming app


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