Mobile App Testing

Qualitrix real world testing ensures 360° analysis of your mobile app to assure that it works accurately. The exponentially growing Mobile Apps Industry faces a global challenge. The app quality is much more than just achieving functional accuracy and relies heavily on creating good user experience. Most mobile apps have relatively simpler features and the app owners want to launch them in a shorter time frame and with lower investment. However, the apps are deployed in a highly dynamic and fragmented environment and ensuring app quality is becoming increasingly difficult for the app owners.

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Qualitrix Five Point Mobile Testing Solution

Deliver a successful app within a much shorter time and in a cost effective manner.
Qualitrix testing solution empowered by crowdsourcing model, is designed to ensure that your app gets tested thoroughly from all angles so that its behavior is completely predictable in the real world.

mobile test specialists

Mobile Test

Testing the functional and non-functional accuracy of your app on-demand.

Complete Device Coverage

Complete Device

A crowdsourced device lab covering every latest equipment model and platform required.

Real World Crowdtesting

Real World

Testing the behavior and performance of your app across different networks, locations, drive conditions through crowdtesters.

Qualitrix Mobile Test Framework

Qualitrix Mobile Test Framework

Complete set of ready-to-use test scenarios with minimal customization.

Real End User Acceptance

Real End User

Target end users engaged for conducting User experience & other assessments, and participating in User acceptance and Beta testing.

Qualitrix 4D Mobile Test Framework

With many years of mobile application testing experience, Qualitrix team has developed a four dimensional mobile test framework which is used by its Mobile test specialists to ensure complete assurance of your apps. The framework provides reusable test scenarios across various dimensions of testing a mobile app which are ready-to-use for your apps with minor customization.



  • Installation
  • Features
  • Platforms
  • Networks
  • Guidelines
code Level

code Level

  • Memory Footprint Analysis
  • Performance Benchmark
  • APK De-Compilation


  • Performance
  • User Experience
  • Accessibility
  • Security


  • Analytics Driven
  • Business Tests
  • Platforms
  • Competitor Analysis

Real World Testing

Test specialists in the labs ensure that your Mobile Apps work perfectly in controlled conditions, however real world is much more complex than the labs with different Equipment, Platforms, Networks, Software on which your apps run. Qualitrix offers real world assurance through a global testing community to ensure that your apps work for every desired user and on every desired software or hardware system.

Assuring App Behavior

Assuring App Behavior

Diverse Device Models: Assess your app’s compatibility on device models from different equipment manufacturers with different screen sizes, resolutions and catering to different price segments.

OS Platforms: Assess your app’s behavior across different OS platforms and versions – Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry.

Networks and Bandwidths: Your software or hardware apps may perform very differently under different network carriers and bandwidth conditions. Assess your apps in roaming, drive and handover conditions.

Localization: Check your app’s acceptability across different cultures, languages and locations in different countries and in specific cities.

User Groups: Get direct feedback from target user demographic across age groups, cultural diversity, salary bands or any other customized need to assess acceptance of your app.

Predicting Market Acceptance

Predict the acceptance of your app among the target user group. Engage target users present in Qualitrix community or build a private user community to conduct assessments during different phases of your app life cycle.

User Experience Assessment: Qualitrix user experience assessment provides you early feedback from target user demographic. The users share their feedback response through aUsability questionnaire or narrated videoswhich are then consolidated and analyzed by a UX expert. The expert evaluates the trends and provides actionable recommendations to your development team.

Beta Testing: Conduct Beta testing with a team that appropriately represents your user demographic also including your own members. Simplify your Beta test process for application distribution / access, test coordination and bug reporting through Qualitrix beta test management tool.

Early Adopters: Create seed users from a globally distributed Qualitrix community to spread your apps in global markets and create a snow bowling effect.

Production Audits: Get user feedback on your app quality and associated services in production to collect social trends at an early stage.

Other Assessments: Engage the user community to assess various aspects of your business. From collecting ideas to validating your Concept or analyzing your competitors.

Predicting Market Acceptance

In House and Crowdsourced Device Lab

Qualitrix provides optimum device coverage through a combination of in-house and crowdsourced device lab. The in-house lab offers standard device coverage which is then augmented by a crowdsourced lab covering every latest equipment model and platform on which your app needs to be tested.

Qualitrix mobile team continuously analyzes the global device usage pattern in US, European, Asian and Australian markets to compile a list of commonly used device models in these markets. This ensures optimum test coverage is achieved by your app depending on the market segment it targets.

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Mobile App Types

Native apps

Native apps

Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps

Mobile web apps

Mobile web apps

Mobile Assurance

Qualitrix provides 360º assurance to your mobile apps through a unique combination of lab and real world testing services.















Market Acceptance

Qualitrix allows you to engage with your target users at various stages of app development to predict your app acceptance in the market.

Build test & user community

Build Tester & User

Consumer Assessments


Beta Testing

Beta Testing

Early Adoptors

Early Adoptors

Production Audits

Production Audits