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What is the Acceptable Mobile App Crash Rate?

July 27,Thursday

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App crash rate

Applications crash when its software ceases to function correctly and causes automatic exit on whichever platform it is running. Mobile app crashes have a significant impact on performance and user retention. It’s observed that a majority of users uninstall an app with higher crash rates or errors.

Acceptable app crash rate:

A more agreeable percentage of mobile app crash can be measured in many ways but the most popular ones are [ Lesser if the app is mature and/or has high downloads]:

  1. App crashes per user < 1 %
  2. App crashes per session < 0.1 %
  3. App crashes per screen view < 0.01 %
  • App crashes per user < 1 %

This number shows how many users have faced crash scenarios ever. This number should be lower for mature apps as the functionalities would be more stable. However while calculating actual numbers of the whole app, faulty updates which end up in rollback instances can be ignored for an accurate representation.

  • App crashes per session < 0.1 %

This number shows how many times an app crashed compared to the number of the session [Overall] that are done. However, it can be categorized into types of sessions and app flows for a better understanding of the issue.

  • App crashes per screen view < 0.01 %

This number compares the total screen views that the app has received to the number of crashes. This should necessarily be categorized to understand the impact of crashes on the delivery of the functionality.

Practically speaking, if you have significant downloads, it will be impossible to achieve ZERO crash rate.

The best that can be done is to group instances according to the reason of crash and keep solving the most relevant problems.

At Qualitrix , we provide a free consultation to enterprises and start-ups to map the crashes to functionalities and scenarios.

Further, we engage with fixed targets for these numbers, in our SLA based mode of engagement.

Write to us at sara@qualitrix.com for measuring mobile app crash rate. We provide 360° Quality Assurance Services.

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