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What is the Monetary Impact of App Crashes?

July 13,Thursday

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This is how much you lose every time your App Crashes!


App crashes are a nightmare for business owners. The monetary impact of app crashes depends on the criticality of the app in the revenue model of a business.

For a business that runs only on an app, this would be dearer than life.

To know the monetary impact of app crashes, we must know where companies burn cash:

  1. Development – $$/$$$
  2. App Marketing: Eg: Install ads -$$$$
  3. Branding – $$$
  4. Support and compensation – $

Poor reviews and ratings hamper the brand. Monetary losses from lost transactions and users [App download ad] are painful.

Let’s analyze the monetary impact of app crashes:

1. Poor ratings and reviews

Bad reviews can result in the most prominent indirect loss of revenue. Negative experiences affect branding goals.

It can also affect app installs and SEO rankings and a lot is spent to maintain the same. If not controlled, it can inflate marketing expenses.

To improve rating and reviews Beta testing should be done.

2. Lost Transactions

For an e-commerce app, this can be a showstopper. Lost transaction means lost revenue. Apart from getting installs, companies spend a lot to reach, convince and convert users.

Conversions lost due to technical errors are brutal and hence must be checked. Thorough performance and Load testing can be done to avoid this.

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3. Uninstalls

With so many options, a user won’t think twice to switch to another similar mobile app. This will not only affect you but also stiffen the competition.

The direct revenue loss from uninstalls and low retention rates can increase Customer Acquisition Cost [CAC].

Usability testing is getting popular with product owners for the same reason.

4. Unnecessary Updates

Unnecessary app updates post-launch can increase app uninstalls. If an app is not tested properly in the pre-launch phase, development cost shoots up as well.

As they say ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’ Dirty roll-outs can be checked through regression testing and sanity testing.

To summarise it all, resolving app crashes can help you save on the following:

Revenue [Ecommerce App] + Customer Acquisition Cost + Development and Branding costs.*crash rates are very specific to the type of app and its applications.

Write to us at sara@qualitrix.com for monetary evaluation of the impact of app crashes. We provide complete QA support at the cost of a single resource.

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