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QA for Startups – Every Product Startup Will Face This Question While Hiring

May 25,Friday

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance for Startups

Every product startup will face this question while hiring, whether to hire an in-house testing team or outsource the product’s Quality Assurance (QA) to a specialized company.

Considering the startup’s limited resources to invest in the required infrastructure for product quality assurance, many startups reckon with QA outsourcing for their product. Moreover, it also eases a significant burden on team management and also ensures efficiency and quality.

The outsourcing of quality assurance has grown significantly over the previous two decades. The QA companies being able to give businesses access to a more experienced pool of talent and specialized services at a minimal cost has been the prime reason of them getting hired by most of the software product startups.

Why is Outsourcing Quality Assurance Services for an Early Stage Startup the Best Decision for a Business?

1. New and unbiased perspective towards the product

An in-house testing team or developers cum testers usually get biased towards the knowledge of usability and features built for the product.

New test cases or edge case scenarios are not discovered early on to be taken care before releasing the product.

Therefore, an outsourced team brings in a fresh perspective of using the product as a user, thereby, bringing in an objective attitude of actual usability.

2. Relatively more economical

Hiring a third-party QA firm always brings in more expertise with a more economical investment for product quality assurance as opposed to the in-house testing team and further training them on various types of testing relevant to the product.

3. Access to a greater pool of talent

It is in the best economic interest of a startup to engage a QA specialist firm to cover diverse QA activities such as automated software testing, security testing, performance testing, localization testing, etc.

Hiring such a diverse team for a startup, especially for the early stage ones, will be a nightmare and incur them great administrative and training cost.

4. A diverse set of specialized services

A QA firm is capable of testing the product regressively on all possible fronts such as functionality, usability, security, market adaptability, with an objective to ‘break the product’. This allows the product owner to deliver the best-unhindered experience to the end users.

5. Lower turnaround time

With a readily available QA expert pool and an infrastructure lab with multiple devices and tools, QA firms can kickstart the testing activities on-demand.

Moreover, for iterative testing, automation scripts can be run to lower the turnaround time further without any compromise in the test results.

6. Experience in similar products

QA firms may already have experience in testing similar domains, features or products, and would have access to standard re-usable test case repositories that would allow enhanced test coverage, and better test results than an in-house testing team.

It is a critical decision for a startup to choose the right QA partner as its product quality plays a decisive role in the success or failure of any startup right from the early stage.

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