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QA Process For Resolving Crashes In Mobile App

July 31,Monday


QA Process For Resolving Crashes in Mobile App is a little different as compared to a normal bug cycle.

India is the second biggest user base of smartphones.

Smartphone users depend on apps to get through day to day needs.

Users un-install app more than half of the times the app crashes.

This is the reason why app crashes are nightmares for the developers and business owners.

Identify the Reason For Crashes

QA process for crashes is the same as that of any bug [pre or post production] reported.

Single or multiple reasons can trigger a crash.

These reasons or bugs must be tracked with the relevant crashes.

Some probable reasons could be:

  1. Bandwidth or Network constraints
  2. Device Incompatibility
  3. Browser Incompatibility
  4. Poor Optimization of the front end
  5. Integration dependencies
  6. Incorrect Memory and/or CPU usage
  7. Problems with error handling
  8. Poor Testing

However, it is always a worry for business owners if the app crash rate is more.

Astringent QA process must be followed to make sure the app crashes don’t happen.

Many soft-wares are available in the market to record the details of app crashes.

Resolving Crashes in Mobile App

Crashes are a little tricky to track and solve, but once recorded following steps should be taken for resolving crashes in mobile app:

  1. Identify the type of crash and group them according to their respective cause.
  2. Relate each crash group to the instrument and network variables to rule out user side problems.
  3. Analyse bugs related to the crashes.
  4. Follow the Bug life cycle.

Prevention is better than cure:

Solving app crashes can be a pain. This is the reason it is advisable to have a proper QA process set that goes through all the aspects and deterrent to accurate app behavior.

However, it can be hard for business owners to economically justify all kinds of testing to be done in pre-production.

At Qualitrix, we provide holistic QA support for achieving a crash less accurate app.

We also provide a service level agreement based testing service to guarantee the safety of your business application.

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